Happy birthday to Grandmomma!

We’re not exactly settling into normal life with 4 since we’re about to move. Packing adds a little extra spice to the day.

Also, some extra mess. But a spicy mess!

I suppose.

The boys of Northern Idaho don't wear shoes to church, apparently.  Shoes are for sissies.

The boys of Northern Idaho don’t wear shoes to church. Shoes are for sissies.*

We’re moving to a place close by that is slightly bigger than our current place, has 3 bedrooms, and has a little private backyard. Also, a nicer view out the windows! I will be able to see the sunsets again. And there’s a little patio area to have a table and chairs, so we should be able to eat outside this summer again.

Paul is a contented soul, except when he isn’t. He loves to be held and loves to eat the moment he’s hungry. If he starts fussing and can’t be attended to immediately (like in the car, or, congratulations on being the fourth, I’m busy for a few more minutes) he will quickly reach a high volume of yelling and is very diligent till he is rescued.

He loves his Jubilee.

He loves his Jubilee.

I got the infant insert for my Ergo and he loved that when I tried it yesterday, but it made my back hurt. I’m hoping this is just due to having had a baby 2 weeks ago and my spine needs to uncurve.

He loves to snuggle. Loves it. Really loves it.

Which is, of course, good. And adorable.

Cuddle bug.

Cuddle bug.

Everything else in life continues as normal.

Then they played outside.

Then they played outside.

And I have to go get someone’s hands out of the toilet.

*Look at our pretty new loveseat! We got a leather couch and loveseat and they are definitely the prettiest furniture we’ve ever had. Also, we only let them go barefoot if the snow isn’t too deep. Because we care.