With just a few days till my due date we’re in that funny holding part at the end. Funny-peculiar and funny-ha-ha.

The kids seemed unusually energetic this past week and I was not. They win that round, hands down.

One of them took safety seriously.

They are super excited about the baby coming soon. Jubilee has become obsessed with other people’s babies and loves to hold and play with them. Thomas will also sit and play with babies in their buckets at our moms and tots group.

School is going very well, or was until a couple of days ago when I started running on fumes. Thomas started some preschool books that he LOVES, and they turned out to be at just the perfect level for him.

some wee loaves got baked along with the regular ones

Rose still isn’t much of a talker, though the other day she echoed me talking to the big kids wrestling “Guys, guys, guys…” She’s crazy cute and understands tons, so she’s easy to communicate with because I can actually explain what’s going on.

Well, when I *can* explain what’s going on.

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

We’ve got a busy crew here, that’s for sure.

Lungs of power.