Whew. I’m super tired right now because I got a good night’s sleep.

That doesn’t make sense? Because sleeping well = energy = doing a lot = very tired now. It does too make sense.

Good day today.

School is going well.  It’s fun to see Jubilee improving at her work.

The picture of Jubilee below was her project idea. She read that book to me and then decided to imitate the hat the girl makes in the story. It worked surprisingly well. (I didn’t think it would produce something that would actually perch on her head.)

she also made one for Thomas, one for the neighbor girl, and one for Rose. Rose screamed and never let us try it on her. Full-on toddler attitude going on here right now.

One of the things we’re doing in school this year are crafts. I’m not a natural craft person. I like to do projects, but I like to work on them when the house is completely clean, there’s no other work to be done, and I have energy. These preferred criteria aren’t productive, as you could guess. So one of our weekly school tasks is a craft project.  When I have it on a list I want to do it so I can check it off.

We did wax leaves last week.

(Trusting pinterest ideas is like trusting a french fry: they can be good but then you try one cold and realize this is an awful metaphor.  And it doesn’t work well to scrub the shower with one either, even if someone swears by it. And don’t mix it with hydrogen peroxide or borax.**)

We’ve had good crafts come off pinterest, but not everything.

Don’t do projects that involve grating crayons. Don’t. It’s difficult, your kids can’t help much, the mess is immense and long-term, and you will start wishing you’d done something simpler, like taking up woodburning with the 3 year old.

this turned out to be way more than we needed

In retrospect, we should have just glued bits of paper together or something. They think glue rocks.

After I called the kids to come back because I was done grating, we sprinkled the crayon bits on wax paper and melted it all together.  The third time we finally figured out it works better if you use less wax rather than more.

Which you shouldn’t.  Because you won’t grate crayons. Because you know better.

Rose: “Me, too? Yes?”

At least they look kind of festive and fall-like.

enjoy them. they almost ruined my cheese graters.

The leaves were a good lesson for me. Now I know to always do our craft AFTER we do regular school. If we start with the craft my energy afterwards is unpredictable.

Yesterday the kids painted mini pumpkins. Jubilee painted hers in careful rainbow stripes. Thomas painted his black, with black, and a swirl of purple and gray, and mostly just black.

That craft I would recommend. They loved it. The tempura paint flaked off shockingly badly, though, so let them play with the dried pumpkins outside.

I guess I’m not a good advertisement for that craft.

*Sorry about that.

**Sorry again. Said I was tired.