Kids learn new things all the time. It’s great! New words pop out (like Thomas yesterday explaining to me that if you eat too much candy “Your teef will get holes or you will get sick. Dose are your two options.”*), new things get climbed, new pictures get drawn, new cooking skills emerge.

All kinds of new things.

Including new things that are, to quote Rachel Jank, a limited time release. Enjoy it while it’s here.

Rose can feed herself. This is good.

She gets bored quickly when she’s finished. This is not good.

…and I ate all my carrots.

That would be the homemade salad dressing of awesome.


Ketchup is not an effective moisturizer.

On the plus side she’s had quite a number of shampoos this week, so between meals her hair is nice and fluffy.

*Dentist appointments this week, you see.