We went to the arboretum on Sunday evening and walked around for a while. It was very lovely and the kids had a great time exclaiming over exciting things (“ACORNS! AND MORE ACORNS! WOW!”) and we watched a pair of very active ducks munching on pond scum and diving.

I thought I might have lost my little camera there but I found it last night. Very happy.

Let’s sleep here tonight!

her hair has gotten long

someone in this picture was so sick the next day they had to go to the doctor and ended up on antibiotics and steroids…and it actually wasn’t me.

she loved to be placed in trees. she screeched when he took her down.

as the sun went down the chill crept in

some trees are more enthused about fall than others

horizon above a shorn wheat field

time to go home

And then Jake had a relapse of his illness due to the smoke around here from wild fires. Probably traipsing about outside wasn’t such a great idea for his lungs.