It’s only mid August but it feels like summer is coming to a close. The church here, between the college and the grade school, has a strong school year pull. NSA has started and there is only one more week for Logos summer parties.

Fall isn’t here yet, most certainly, but once in a while it gets chilly in the night (it was in the 40s last night) and waking up in the morning feels a little like fall weather.

Mom looks funny

The last few weeks have been full. Popsicles and taking off training wheels. Teething. Sewing.

Playing and going to bed exhausted.

Tears. Mourning the early death of a niece we’ll hold someday. Jubilee likes to say “Sophia beat us.”

Give me a moment while I finish, ok?

Rose isn’t the baby. She’s talking in bits and pieces, imitating everything everyone else does, having many opinions. Occasionally she falls in with the grand tradition of third children and tries to bite.

Yesterday she said “Bye Daddy” when Jake was leaving for work. Then she said it again to show off.

She is into shoes. And jewelry. And clothing. Very much so. She loves to be called pretty.

going to clarify: that is tape on her finger

Wee baby’s kicks are hard enough that I can feel them, if I’m holding still and not distracted. I don’t feel them very often yet.

Looking forward to hopefully finding out the gender this time. My doctor is gone to deliver babies in Africa for a month, and she was going to schedule my ultrasound when she gets back, so we won’t get to find out till the end of September.