crazy or passed out, euphoric or doleful, he rarely does anything by halves

So I’m two out of three on children with minor, but persistent, skin problems. The best thing we’ve found, amidst doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and natural whatnot, is an expensive liquid probiotic. It does wonders for my kids’ skin that nothing else has.

Rose had a yeast rash and thrush, and the probiotic, with some eventual gentian violet, seems to finally have it all gone. If you’re not familiar with gentian violet it’s like a dye bomb in a drooling baby’s mouth.

my exclusive diet of purple Nerds is going smashingly

The best part was her tongue.

Which reminded me of something, but I couldn’t place it. An alien from a movie? Some animal? Where had I seen something like it before?

Then I remembered.

Giraffes. Yes. That was it.