My mom is taking Jubilee to a ballet camp this week and she’s enjoying it. You dress up for ballet! She loves that.

Here she is ready to go on the first day.

there's first position and then there's random position

Thomas was very excited even though he wasn’t going.


Rosie wasn’t sure what was going on, but she trotted herself up and posed. No leaving her out.

me too

Waiting for Grandma.

she'll be here sooner if we open the door

It’s finally hot here and the afternoons are kind of a sweaty, sticky time. No air conditioning and no fans. They’ve been sold out for several days and there’s some kind of problem getting more quickly. My family is lending us a couple of theirs even though they don’t have air conditioning either. Hopefully Walmart will get some fans soon since there are a lot of people waiting to give them money.